Will Apple reinvent the healthcare process?


We talked about different apps that track peoples activities, sleep, food, dreams,… All great and useful apps, but Apple is working on health and fitness tracker that will be one of a whole new level, at least if we can believe the rumors. Apart from tracking activities, sleep, food,… (like all other apps), the app will contain features to get an overview of your blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. However it is unclear what devices or wearables will be necessary to be able to measure all these things.

So how will all this app change the healthcare process? First of all, Healthbook (the current working name of the app) will have a feature ‘Emergency card’. This will hold all critical data of the user. It will contain the user’s name, birthday, medication information, weight, eye color, blood type, organ donor status and location. This will make it easier for doctors and emergence technicians to treat the patient correctly, even if the patient can’t speak or is unconscious because of an injury. Second, apple wants to reinvent the process of receiving lab reports or other information you would get from hospitals. Instead of meeting with a doctor or receiving an email or a letter, all the data will get to your Healthbook and you will get notifications of your results. Healthbook will be the center of all your health information and it will remind you to take your medicines at the right time, to drink enough water, to get enough sleep,… to live healthier.

Health and fitness tracking is evolving and will continue to be a trend. I think that Apple’s Healthbook will boost this trend even harder. There are different apps for different goals, but Healthbook will integrate everything in one centered application. This total integration can change lots of peoples lifestyle and change the way to control all your health information. Together with the integration to receive lab results and other information Healthbook might reinvent the healthcare process.

One small question: Will this total overview of your health result in obsessions for perfection? Do you think people will be scared when the smallest change they notice in their health patterns, even if those changes doesn’t matter?

Share your thoughts!

For more information and rumors about Healthbook:



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