New ways to coach



Technology and informatics don’t only provide a good platform for sporters, but also for their coaches. It provides them with options to review and analyse their athletes more carefully.

According to this article, a vital element in improving your technique is instant feedback. This way the exercise is still fresh in your mind while reviewing your movements. You get a better understanding of what you did wrong and can try again right away. Videocamera’s already provided that option for years, but it wasn’t instant enough. Your coach needed to process the video in some kind of editing tool or buy an awful lot of (expensive) equipment. Conclusion, the player got the tips or corrections too late and would often make the same mistake again next practice.

However nowadays every tablet or smartphone has an onboard camera. Editing tools are redundant because of the processing power of the tablets itself. You can easily review and make notations on the tablet itself. Slowmotion playback and comparing of two video’s at the same time are some of the many feature that become instantly available. They give a few tips and examples of how you could implement such technology in your own training sessions:

  • Preload the iPad with good examples of the technique you are going to coach and use it as a visual cue for players.
  • Use the iPad to film individual performance and then play back instantly to highlight strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyse a filmed performance with arrows, lines, text etc to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Compare and contrast a young player’s performance to one of a professional.
  • Allow the players themselves to film and analyse one another, creating peer coaching.

Coaches and players can build on this new technology and work together to improve scores. The beauty of these new developments in my opinion is that they work together with the users. It is an addition rather than a replacement of a real coach. Human interpretation and assessment are still an advantage.


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