Gamification in sports

One might think that sports are already games on their own. However they can still be gamificated. In following article they explain how skiing can be improved by gamification.

With the use of EpicMix you can keep track of how many kilometers you have skied, see where your family or friends are and compete with your friends for points and badges. Also part of the service are the photographers that are present at the mountains where this system is implemented. By scanning your badge photo’s are uploaded to your profile and even your twitter or Facebook account if you like. This leaves you with doing what you like without the hassle of bringing a camera. This brings you a richer experience. You can come home and you know exactly where you have been or how far you have skied. Even better, you have the pictures to prove it.

Just like this example there are also other sports where this techniques can be applied. In the article they explain which elements should be present to get the desired effect of grabbing people’s attention. For the full list you can check the article, but the basic idea is that you build up some kind of point/reward system.

Once you understand this system people can implement it in their own creations. People without coding capabilities still can use this system to improve their lifestyle. That is the beauty of the technique. If you award yourself with “bonus” points if you do something good or health, you get encouraged to make better choices. The only question maybe is how many point you would award to which activity/choice. If you are not objective enough the grading can get deformed.

Would any of you apply these techniques in your own live? Or would you rather wait until someone makes an app for it? Are there maybe some of you that don’t believe that gamification works?


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