To walk again


Technology not only offers new options for sporters, also people with a physical disability can benefit from the latest evolutions.

In an article on they talk with a pediatric physical therapist, Mahir Reiss about the evolution his field has made. According to him technology has shortened healing time, increased comfort during treatment, en improved overall quality and options of care. Some technologies are not introduced yet, but some of them are talking baby steps into the real world.

He start of with mentioning that aquatic therapy, one of the most common therapies these days, has improved a lot since its first introduction. They now can control the heating and circulation more accurately making the treatment easier and more comfortable. Treatment can be more specific and accurate this way.

One of the most exciting new technologies that is being introduced more and more nowadays are the so called “exoskeletons”. They still are pretty costly but can give us a view on what the future might bring us. An example of this is the Ekso Suit. It is a suit that enables people with a physical disability to talk their first steps. It’s even built to support this transition with a few modes. “FirstStep”, allows the therapist to initiate the step to train the new user and make them custom to the new environment. In “ActiveStep”, the user gets the opportunity to initiate step himself with the push of a button. The final mode “ProStep”, senses when the user wants to take a step and takes the step for him.

Last but not least Mahir Reiss believes that social media also has an influence on physical therapy. It makes the gap between patients and therapists a lot smaller. It is easier for the therapist to keep updated on the a patient’s condition and offer suggestions or answer questions or concerns. It makes the communication a lot more open. People (and certainly children) feel more at comfortable.

Technology certainly can provide some fascination solutions for people with a disability. Being able to walk after years of riding in a wheelchair would be a dream that comes true for a lot of disabled persons.


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