Is this the future of sport clothing?

This promo movie of Under Armour, an American sports clothing and accessories company, gives you a glimpse of the future of sports clothing. In this movie Under Armour shows a concept of an innovative piece of clothing. They show clothing with technology build in the fabric of it. No extra bracelets, watches, heart rate monitors,… Everything would be build in peoples clothes.

The movie only gives a glimpse of what the future can bring. But if it is true that they are building a product like that, it would change the paradigm of sport clothes. Sport clothing wouldn’t be seen as just clothes to wear while exercising anymore, it would be something you wear to log all your movements and activities. It would be use to become better, to learn all your body movements and improve them where necessary. And if we have to believe the following promo movie of Under Armour:, they really are building such a product.

I think the concept is truly amazing. It gives a whole new dimension on exercising and the things you wear while doing it. It is a perfect example of the influence of technology on sport activities. It proves that sport and technology will integrate and the whole concept of tracking and logging will become standard in certain sport activities. It also indicates that technology is and will be used to improve all kinds of skills and to make athletes and recreative sporter better and better an better.

But the question is: is this possible? Do you think that what Under Armour shows in their movie is realistic? Do you think people will wear these kinds of clothes or is it only destined for the professional athletes? Share your thoughts!


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