Security and privacy


But what about security and privacy ?

I found an article on “The Verge” where they introduce the blackphone. It is an Android phone, well at least an adapted version of it. They tried to improve the poor privacy characteristics that Android has. In some way they succeed, by offering the user more control over what a specific app can access. It also features apps where you can make encrypted phone calls or send encrypted text messages. However this can only be done between the special app or between blackphone. For this service you even need to pay. This certainly limits the applicability. Will users even bother to use such an app.

But the idea of a smarphone that needed to be specifically designed for privacy scares me a bit. Why aren’t all smartphones more careful with our privacy. It seems that all these benefits of smartphones come with a cost. A great cost! The fact that governments and authorities spy on people is one thing. We protest vigorously every time such a scandal meets the light. But those actions can still somehow be related to national security. On the other hand when apps (and therefore companies) spy on our actions or log our personal information we seem to be okay with it? It seems that we accept that this is a consequence of using the app. Or are we not aware of what companies can and will do with our information?

So maybe it is not such a great idea to put all your daily activities or habits inside an app. At least not until privacy on smartphones is rethought.


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