Walking breaks aren’t really breaks…


In a previous blogpost “Does technology make us sit more?”  I briefly mentioned some solutions to avoid a sedentary lifestyle or sedentary work. In a comment on the blog someone agreed that walking breaks are a good solution for this problem. So it made me thinking about all the other possible advantages of walking breaks. After searching the net I found an interesting blog from Dan Pallotta (An expert in nonprofit sector innovation and a pioneering social entrepreneur. He also gave a TED talk that is one of the 100 most-viewed TED talks of all time). In his blog he says that walking breaks aren’t only good for calming the mind or as some kind of exercise, it also dramatically increases productivity.  He also refers to a study that concluded that people who go for a walk or ride a bike four times a week think more creatively than people who sit down the whole day. His own experiences were that the best ideas resulted from walks outside and that walking break are ideal to talk things out with employees. Apparently Steve Jobs preferred to have his serious business conversations while walking.

I think that some conversations are more natural while walking. It looks more relaxed than a one-on-one conversation in an office. I also think it gives the conversation a different and more open atmosphere.  I believe that walking break are an asset for productivity and that a clear mind and some fresh air could re-boost your work. From my own experience I noticed that the best ideas pop into your head when your mind is free and you are relaxed instead of stressed and under pressure. So like the title indicates, walking breaks aren’t really breaks, they can be essential for your productivity.

So, do you believe in the benefits of walking breaks? Are do you think it won’t affect your productivity?

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