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As yanickvanhoeymissen2014 stated sport is not enough to live healthy, you also need to look out what you eat. 

 has posted some studies about research of our habits and influence by advertisement. But what can we do for ourselves? I’ve been looking for some health apps.

With these apps you can keep track of what you eat during the day and adjust/control your eating pattern.

These apps have become so popular that even the British National Health Service (NHS) devoted a whole website to these apps. ( the NHS Health apps library )

Even they can’t deny the benefits for some of these apps. They  want to give everyone an idea what great apps are out there. Categorized by relevance. 

I think that some of these apps can definitely improve your eating pattern simply by making you aware of what you eat and when. You get an overview of how many calories you have eaten, or how many you still can eat that day. 

I’ve also found a really interesting app myself, Fooducate. It is a library of food and drinks where you can look up how many calories, fat, sugar,… all the nutritious facts. Nothing really new there, al lot of apps have a database similar like this one. But the nice added bonus here is that it fully integrated with a “social environment”, people can comment about the products, what they like/dislike. This translates to a percentage of user that like/dislike the product. In this way you not only know its health but also delicious. The product also gets a label ranging from D, D+, C-,… all the way to A. This is based on an algorithm build on the nutritious facts. It even makes a difference between minimally processed, “real” food and processed (with a lot of additives) food. Unfortunately this app is not yet available in Europe, only in the american app store. I’m eager to test it so i’m looking forward to it being released here.  


2 thoughts on “Health apps

  1. I agree with the fact that this is a very good way! But most of the apps will be sponsored by supermarkets. They want you to buy the ingredients by their supermarket. So most of the apps aren’t complete “good”.

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