Does technology make us sit more?


BBC news published an article back at the end of 2012 about the relation between sitting time and health. The article was written according to a study done by scientists from Leicester and Loughborough Universities.

According to the researchers people have too much things they can do sitting, like watching tv, using a computer,… Not everything that can be done seated is because of some technology. But lot of technologies made people sit more. Tv, computer, tablet,… are some examples of technologies that are a cause of the sedentary lifestyle of some people. This is not the only cause and not applicable for every person, but it is a cause for lot’s of people. The study, led by Dr Emma Wilmot, says that even if you go to the gym after work or after doing a sedentary activity for a long time, it still remains bad and even harmful.
The study also concludes that those who sat the most had a higher risk of diabetes, hart diseases and even death than those who sat the least. People who are on their feet whole day, like for example a waiter, had less risk.
A problem can be that people might think they are healthy because they exercise 30 minutes a day, but if the other 23,5 hours include an unhealthy lifestyle, they aren’t as healthy as they think.
There are some solutions the researchers give like reducing tv viewing, breaking up long periods at the computer, having a standing desk, walk during lunch break,…
I believe that sitting all the time is indeed bad for people, but sometimes people have no choice. If you have to work at a computer all the time, it’s difficult not to sit the whole day on your desk. A standing desk can be exhausting and people won’t be motivated to use that. Taking some kind of walking breaks can be a solution. You have to take a few during the day to be effective, but the advantages can be really important. Apart from taking walking breaks, I think it’s almost unavoidable for some tasks or jobs to stands up while working. But every thing that can help should be considered, so lets start with reducing the amount of time we watch tv. Do you think you could stop watching tv or would you consider reducing your tv watching time if you know it is better for your health?

One thought on “Does technology make us sit more?

  1. I agree with your post! The most of the people sit whole the day and do nothing when they arrived at home. A worker who stand up the whole day and who needs to move is most of the time more healthy and fit. Si I think that the “walking breaks” are a very good idea! Or that you should go by bike to your work instead of sitting in your car.

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