Influence of advergames on what children eat

Exercising is not the only thing people have to do to be healthy, food is also important. If you want to be fit and healthy it’s essential to eat the right things. Unfortunately this is not easy and technology doesn’t help to achieve that goal. Advertisements of various products make us want to buy  them. Most of the time unhealthy food has the best adds. For example, coca-cola, Mc Donalds,… The advertisements are everywhere, on billboards, tv, websites,… Advertisers try to anticipate on different ways to reach people. Technology makes it easier to achieve this and to influence people and especially children. Children are an easy target for marketeers.

A popular way of advertising nowadays are advergames. These are online games on websites of companies that people (especially children) can play. The goal for these games is to introduce children to their products. In the game, the product is everywhere and the company logo and goods are unavoidable. According to a study of a team led by Jennifer Harris (director of Marketing Initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University), 38% of the companies had created advergames and about 1.2 million youngsters visit the company website with advergames. Children spent 88% more time on websites with advergames than on other websites.

In another part of the study, the researchers let some children play advergames for unhealthy products and some had to play advergames for healthy products. They had the choice of healthy and unhealthy snacks that they could eat during the game. The result was that both group at the same amount of unhealthy snacks, but the group of the healthy advergames ate 50% more healthy snacks. It was asif they remembered the lessons of the healthy advergame. This indicates that these advergames can influence children, which can be good or bad.
I think that unhealthy products have more or better advertisements and therefore are often more attractive to children. I also think there are more advergames for unhealthy products than for healthy products. It’s a good example of how technology can influence the health of people, even if people (children) don’t notice it. Children often don’t know what food is healthy or unhealthy. They are easy to influence and the advergames make use of it. The advergames can also be use in advantage of health,II think more effort has to be done to promote healthy products and in this case advergames would be a good way to unconsciously influence children in a good way.
Can Online Games Influence What Kids Eat? by Alice Park in Time Magazine

3 thoughts on “Influence of advergames on what children eat

  1. I definitely agree that the government should ban these advergames for unhealthy products. But where do you draw the line. What is considered healthy and what not? Because some foods are more or less ok if you don’t eat to much of it, but that’s something you can’t control. Maybe it would be good to start with products that are definitely unhealthy like coca-cola, Mc Donalds,… Another good thing would be to make more advertisements for healthy product, make them look delicious and cool to eat.

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