Factors that make a smartphone a useful tool in a healthy lifestyle.

Behavior Change Infographic

We found an interesting infographic about how a smartphone can change your behavior to improve your health.

Infographic can be found here.

It clearly states that smartphone apps can help us in various ways. Mainly because of its mobile character, but also because it is fully customizable and can log your status in real time.

So according to the paper this infographic is based on (“Designing an Effective Behavior-Change Platform”), an app can help you improve and keep track of your health. A good app in this area can maintain your attention, which motivates you and reminds you to keep a healthy lifestyle. A part of this motivation comes from a progress overview that is embedded in most apps.

There are a lot of apps that pursue that goal. There are apps for running, counting steps, counting your food calories, track your sleep pattern, …

After testing a few of these ourselves, we are convinced that this has a big influence on our motivation and our choices during the day. We are more likely to: take stairs in stead of an elevator, go for a run more often, pay attention to what we eat, etc…

What do you think about this?


2 thoughts on “Factors that make a smartphone a useful tool in a healthy lifestyle.

  1. I agree that apps can benefit our lives and even our health.
    I think that personalisation is key to success; most calories counting apps can suggest a personalized schedule based on an individual’s lifestyle and preferences.

  2. I agree with the fact that an app could help. But I’m not entirely agree. An app could make your life also more lazy. For everything is an app and you wouldn’t go more outside to buy something. You will be more lazy and just think that everything will be good if you just follow the smartphone.

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