Short introduction to master’s thesis


We are Jonathan Vanuytven and Nick Wauters, we are Master students engineering ICT at GroupT, Belgium.

This blog is about the non-technical environment of our master’s thesis, it should broaden our perspective about it.

The master’s thesis is in cooperation with BLOSO, a flemish government organization that encourages people to be active more often. They were interested in the current developments of technology like tracking, smartphones,… So their goal was to introduce one of those technologies into their existing facilities.

With this goal in mind, we came up with the idea of extending the Fit-O-Meter. The Fit-O-Meter is a kind of obstacle course which users can use to improve their fitness. We are going to extend it by using sensors to track the movements of the user throughout the exercises. Afterwards the users receive their results wirelessly from the sensors in an application on their smartphone. The application is a tool to make the experience of the Fit-O-Meter more enjoyable. The application gives the possibility to add and challenge friends. In this way the user has the opportunity to exercise in a social way, which encourages the user to go out and exercise on a regular basis.

We will be back for more interesting posts !